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Thrive Farm GA is nestled in the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia. We specialize in wellness through equine therapy and offer farm stays in a beautiful log cabin, glamping, mindfulness, art journaling, and coaching.

Accommodations at Thrive Farm GA include a beautiful log cabin on the property. It has 3 bedrooms. Those seeking equine therapy have the opportunity to enjoy their choice of two awesome glamping tents that have solar and battery powered lighting and electric hookup. Each has a queen size bed. There are additional accommodations in the farmhouse with three spacious upstairs bedrooms and 6 beds. Two are private and one is a comfortable shared space.


Our animal population at Thrive Farm GA is ever expanding. We currently have six horses (two of which are miniature), four goats, two piglets, two barn cats and two house cats.

About Susan MItchell, Founder

Susan Mitchell, founder of Thrive Farm, Helps cancer survivors feel whole again and embrace their second chance at life so that they can experience increased energy and mental clarity to create a joyful, feel-good future.

Her approach is partially based on the existential theory which asserts that we all struggle with the meaning of life, and when faced with the most basic of human fears, the fear of dying, we are confronted with the opportunity to connect with our true selves and become aligned internally and externally. We have the opportunity to find light out of darkness. When we realize we cannot go back to who we were before cancer, sometimes we break open and have the beautiful opportunity to transform ourselves.

Susan is a breast cancer thriver. She has also survived other traumas including narcissistic abuse. She has a Master’s in Education and was a teacher, principal, chef, and most recently studied counseling at the Master’s degree level. She is certified as a Master of Meditation Teaching, in Equine Therapy for trauma, PTSD, and crisis, and as a Nutritional Wellness Coach.

Susan designs programs that are experiential and somatic to help her clients live their best lives after the cancer mind-f**k that. (She does see clients with other scary diagnoses or traumas). Her multi-sensory approach of Inner Peace Coaching, Mindful Equine Therapy, art journaling, personalized meditations, and in-person retreats are designed to help you find your authenticity, ease, and inspire you to move forward and embrace YOUR second chance!

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