Peace, abundance, mindset, mindfulness, grounding, horses, healing, energy, support, ego, power-heart, art journaling, joy, releasing, synchronicity, friendship, compassion are some of the concepts that bubbled around throughout the very first beta testing of the Peace & Abundance Retreat last weekend. So how was it hosting my first retreat? Even though many pieces came together at the last minute, the retreat was a huge success! It was incredible to see the formless substance of my vision take shape and come to life. My vision not only came to life, but also provided the needed growth, healing and support by each attendee, myself included.

The physical spaces made everyone feel good which means a lot to me on a personal level. The reviews have been phenomenal and while I have more work to do before the next retreat in June, this was a definite win for all. Reflection and feedback will drive any improvements to programming, scheduling, and physical space for our next retreat. This is a practice I will continue as I expect to deliver an excellent experience that grows and always looks for ways to support continuous growth.

To give to you an inside window, here are a few memories. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the letting go fire ceremony followed by sound bowls and energy healing in the yoga barn. The art journaling was led by me and the participants enjoyed it way more than I had anticipated. At least a couple decided to continue their art journal at home. Having my equine therapist and great friend here teaching was also awesome and everyone really fell in love with the horses on an energetic level. The sessions were all engaging and the feeling was intimate and safe. We cried and laughed and talked without judgement throughout the retreat experience.

I am humbled by the opportunity and the experience and I hope you will consider joining me at the next Peace & Abundance Retreat in June.

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