Inner Peace Coaching

Susan Mitchell

Founder of Thrive Farm GA

Supporting women who are stressed out and feel untethered or disconnected

If it feels like life is living you, rather than you living your life, let’s talk.

My coaching supports humans suffering from the human experience.

I incorporate life coaching with equine therapy and mindfulness and the combination is extraordinarily powerful and transformational.

I’ll show you the path to taking back your power and purpose to live a soulful, connected, present moment experience.

While working with me, we will address areas of mind, body, and soul. You will connect to your spiritual inner self, you will expand your mindset, and shift to the next level expression of yourself, driven from your inner desire to grow as a human. You will feel aglow with a deep sense of peace and will have the tools to maintain this. Together we will map out your hopes and dreams connecting you to your purpose while remaining present to the experience as it unfolds.

Schedule a Zoom call with me so that I can create an individualized package to meet your needs.

Most packages are for 6 months. We meet biweekly at the farm. Private zoom calls and ongoing texting check ins are included. I am very accessible to my coaching clients.

The coaching has helped a lot with just being able to sit down and get an outside perspective and doing all the meditations. It really helps you a lot and especially when you start taking that into your personal life./h2>

– Lindsay

If you need an extra measure of peace, you’re going to find it here. If you need some structure, some coaching, some life experience, you have it. Susan, it’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift, your wisdom.

– Maureen

If you’d told me a few months ago that a horses at Thrive Farm Ga named JW could help my soul to heaI, I would have said you’d lost it… but turns out I was the one who was lost and I didn’t even know it!! Until the first time JW looked at me… with those big brown eyes full of honesty & compassion. It was as if he whispered, “Hi Heather, I see you.” ❤️🐎🥰 I highly recommend as well as equine therapy to also incorporate the mindfulness coaching! Susan has a heart for helping people on their own journey to finding inner peace!

– Heather

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