Frequently Asked Questions

When and why did you buy a farm?
I bought Thrive Farm in March of 2022 after my second divorce. I was and continue to heal from my upbringing and relationships. I bought the farm because I experienced equine therapy, then volunteered at my friend’s farm and then, became certified in equine therapy. Horses are extremely grounding and nature out in the country is peaceful to me and hopefully to others that visit.
Are your goats pets or do they produce milk?
My goats are pets and do not produce milk. My farm animals are for animal assisted therapy, including goats and kitties.
Is it a lot of work to take care of your farm?
The animals are easy to care for on a day-to-day basis, but they are always on my mind. I adjust feeding times around my schedule to ensure my horses are stalled for 8-9 hours per day while my pasture is green. The land is another story and requires lots of time, help and/or money to upkeep. It just me right now on the farm now, though my incredible boyfriend does all he can to help me when he is here.
Are your kittens’ pets or barn cats?
Hazelnut Kitty is my only house cat now. The 3 black and white kittens, Thor, Leo, and Tux, are strictly barn kitties in hopes of curtailing unwanted pests. They are thriving and so sweet. I feed them, clean their litter and pick them up and play with them so they are not feral.
Who can visit Thrive Farm?
Thrive Farm will be open for scheduled tours when my website goes live. I will be hosting monthly wellness mornings, I am offering coaching in person and via Zoom and will host wellness retreats to help people recenter and thrive after cancer.
Do you offer classes at Thrive Farm?
There will be a schedule opening up once my arena is built and I have a covered space. I will offer weekly group equine therapy sessions and packages as well as mindfulness and meditation classes. Private sessions and coaching packages are available on this website.
When will Thrive Farm be open?
I am currently planning the property site so there is a covered area for meditation, yoga and equine therapy. I am also adding an Air bnb log cabin that is adjacent to the farm for farm weekends and Thrive Wellness retreats.
What is your job besides the farm?
I have been a teacher, school administrator and ran my ex husband’s medical practice for 10 years. Now I am attending UTC for my second Master’s degree in clinical mental health and I am working to become a licensed professional counselor. This is my business and my home.
Why have you made so many big changes in your life recently?

I have been healing from the mind f**k of breast cancer and from narcissistic abuse. I had a dysfunctional childhood and lived in a state of stress response for many years. I lost my sense of self and purpose in my marriage. I decided to do what makes me happy which is nature, animals and helping people.

Are you really from NYC?
Yes, I am! I moved to Atlanta 18 years ago and Chattanooga 10 years ago.

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