Meet Moonpie, my baby goat! Moonpie is a bottle fed Nubian dairy goat. He is the friendliest of my 4 goat babies. He runs right up to me each day in the goat pasture and loves to be hugged and petted. He is ridiculously funny and enjoys standing on top of the dog house, aka goat house, jumping around and playing with his cousin Starbux!

Moonpie is featured as a meditating meme on my swag because he is so handsome and makes me smile every day! Farm animals are grounding and help me connect with earth and force me to stay present in the moment when I’m with them.

Moonpie came from my friend’s local farm, in Villanow Ga., The Little Farm that Could. When Moonpie came home he did not have a playmate and my two dwarf-fainting goat-mutts, from a different farm, would not give him the time of day! Moonpie got his name from his momma, also named Moonpie.

Fun fact about Moonpies: The Moon Pie is a sweet southern snack that originated back in 1917. Made from two graham crackers with marshmallow filling and chocolate coating, Moon Pies are produced by Chattanooga Bakery in Chattanooga, TN. The Moon Pie supposedly got its name from a Kentucky coal miner. They are a lot like a s’more without the campfire, and similar to the coveted, northern counterpart, the Mallomar cookie, which had been around since 1913, and happened to be my dad’s favorite cookie.

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