Memorial day is a time to honor and remember the sacrifices made by our brave veterans who have served our country. It is also an opportunity to express gratitude for their service and to show support for those who continue to struggle with the aftermath of their time in the military. This struggle is real and does not end when Memorial Day or Veteran’s days end. There is often long-lasting suffering that our veterans endure requiring help and support toward peace and a new life.

One method of support that has gained popularity in recent years is equine assisted therapy. Research has shown that working with horses can be an effective way to support veterans and others who suffer from PTSD. Horses have a unique ability to sense and respond to our emotions, providing a powerful source of comfort and connection for those who are struggling.

At Thrive Farm, we incorporate equine therapy into our work with clients who have experienced trauma and PTSD. We also use mindfulness and present moment awareness techniques to help clients stay grounded and present during their sessions. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can learn to manage their symptoms and begin the healing process.

I am excited to announce that I will be attending equine therapy training specifically focused on working with veterans and those suffering from PTSD. I believe that this training will allow me to better serve this population and help them find the peace and healing they deserve.

As we remember and honor our veterans each day, let us also remember the importance of supporting those who continue to suffer from the effects of their service. Let us continue to seek out innovative and effective ways to help them heal and find hope for the future.

In the words of Dr. Temple Grandin, “Animals make us human. They teach us to love, to be compassionate, to be patient, and to be kind.” Let us all strive to be more like the horses we work with, providing comfort and connection to those in need.

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