She never gave up on me.

“It was not happenstance that I booked a stay at a described beautiful animal farm for my children and myself. While there, I inquired about equine therapy for my children. Immediately, they enjoyed not just the horses but the goats, and the many dogs and cats. All incredibly friendly, which I believe is a direct correlation to their safe and joyful environment!

Little did I know I would come to greatly benefit from Susan’s expertise. I often forget her vast experience and gained knowledge from school teacher and principal, mother of 2, owner and main conductor of her farm, counseling, local community services, and life trials seems to parallel a few years apart. Susan was, and always will be there for her patients. She is passionate about getting them to cross the chasm from self defeat to self worth, always learning and growing. There were times life’s trials seem to knock me down faster than I could get up up but Susan never judged me and instead gave me an encouraging message often needed as much as air. I am forever grateful for the time, knowledge, and energy she poured into me even when I did not have any to respond. She never gave up on me and at a time when I felt more alone in my 40 years on this earth, what a blessing to have that. For such a time is this. I love you and am thankful for you!”

– Cheryl

I know you were put in my path.

“I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to thank you for doing the meditation with me and introducing me to the app for meditation Insight Timer! I know other people like my therapist have tried very hard and had good intentions to help me with sleep and just overall well-being but I must tell you my session with you and using this app has been a game changer – thank you thank you thank you! 🙏❤️ I know you were put in my path. I am so grateful for that!”

– Jodi

I love life again after such a difficult season of grief and loss.

“Thanks so much are such a delight and are helping me to transform my life! And love life again after such a difficult season of grief and loss! Love ya bunches girl..Namaste 🙏♥️🦋”

– Maureen

I gained so much from this experience.

“Thank you for welcoming me into your home. Your farm is a haven. I have felt overwhelmed by life, so much pain and fear. Spending the weekend reconnecting with nature, with powerful kind women, and myself has been so healing. I have laughed deep and cried and taken the time to remember who I am. In a season of loss, I gained so much from this weekend. Your gift for hospitality, love for women, passion for health and healing have reignited that deep spark in me to find my own gifts and share them passionately. I am more than a mind. I am a feeling body and inspired soul. Thank you for allowing me the space to connect with all three. To quiet my mind, feel my body, and comfort my soul.”

– Lexi

My personal life has impoved as a result!

“The coaching has helped a lot with just being able to sit down and get an outside perspective and doing all the meditations. It really helps you a lot and especially when you start taking that into your personal life.”

– Lindsay

Susan has a gift!

“If you need an extra measure of peace, you’re going to find it here. If you need some structure, some coaching, some life experience, you have it. Susan, it’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift, your wisdom.”

– Maureen

Susan has a heart for helping people on their own journey to finding inner peace!

“If you’d told me a few months ago that a horse at Thrive Farm Ga named JW could help my soul to heaI, I would have said you’d lost it… but turns out I was the one who was lost and I didn’t even know it!! Until the first time JW looked at me… with those big brown eyes full of honesty & compassion. It was as if he whispered, “Hi Heather, I see you.” ❤️🐎🥰 I highly recommend as well as equine therapy to also incorporate the mindfulness coaching! Susan has a heart for helping people on their own journey to finding inner peace!”

– Heather

The horse therapy grounded my soul.

“When I signed up for your retreat I saw gentle stretch-tone-align classes, food, farm, animals, and horse time! I was like yes! What I didn’t realize was I was going to go away with a renewed sense of myself and my purpose. I connected with a person I had forgotten about. She is strong, kind, powerful, creative, and is loud! The yoga stretched and renewed my body. The food was delicious and plentiful. My room and bed were comfortable and decorated with thoughtful care. The horse therapy grounded my soul. The horses shared their strength and natural wisdom. The speakers all had powerful encouraging messages that I was able to take away from.
I will be recommending Thrive Farm Retreat to every woman I know.”

– Kristy

The experience made me feel that I was not alone.

“I have experienced retreats in the past in different countries in South America and few states in the USA. It is the first time that I feel true healing (yes, there were things that I experienced for the first time) and maybe that’s what made this retreat, this experience, so unique and unforgettable.

Thank you Susan for offering this amazing place to heal, to connect, and to feel that the sky is the limit. The energy in the house felt so comfortable. The little pets in the house made it feel like I was home. The energy of the speakers and teacher was enthusiastic and so informative. The experience of the women made me feel that I was not alone. The experience with the horses (Lola) was so unique, I felt she knew me, and the confidence Kristen made me feel with the horses was so unique. Camille was so knowledgeable and gave so much information. The way she has to teach peace and abundance was excellent.

The food was delicious, and seeing the cooks prepare the food was an experience. The mindfulness exercises with Susan were soothing, and the art time and conversation was something I will bring in my hard for long time. The yoga practice (something I have not experienced before) was amazing and amazingly healing). Rosy was incredible.

Thank you so much Susan for opening your farm to experience peace and abundance.”

– Maria

I truly appreciate the time and effort she spent getting to know me and my goals for being at the Farm.

“Susan is an exceptional person who has created a place where she can feed and nurture the mind, spirit, and body. Due to the pre-work Susan sent me, everything about my experience at the Farm was unique to me and what I needed. I truly appreciate the time and effort she spent getting to know me and my goals for being at the Farm. The setting is picturesque, and the accommodations are peaceful and quiet. Thrive Farm is my Happy Place!”

– Lisa

Calm washes over me the second I arrive.

“What a magical place to rejuvenate the soul, bask in the beauty of the land, interact with Susan’s majestic, sweet, gentle horses, take a quiet walk in the woods, soak in Susan’s wisdom, insight, and empathy, meditate, reflect, and enjoy the heart filling thought provoking shares and discussions with other beautiful souls. So grateful to have this peaceful haven to escape to when life gets to be a bit much. My nervous system has been in full-on sympathetic mode and my experiences at Thrive Farm never fail to flip that switch into parasympathetic mode aka “rest and digest.” Calm washes over me the second I arrive and, despite life coming at me hard this week, I’m feeling so at peace and much more confident that I can take life’s trials in stride. I feel empowered to access that soothing place of calm equanimity knowing that this too shall pass. And if it doesn’t? Well, then I just head back to Thrive Farm for more soul sustenance!

– Joni Lawrence

A wonderful retreat experience!

“Thrive farm is a fantastic place to be. The house is so beautiful, the yoga barn is so peaceful, I love it. I experienced my first equine therapy, and that was amazing. The accommodations were so comfortable and spacious. The food was delicious. Susan was wonderful. The yoga and art garage were refreshing and beautiful. Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat experience. I recommend this place to anyone that wants to find peace and abundance.

– Maria Carrasco

This is a 5 star experience!

“Susan, is amazing. I felt my instinct shift to a peaceful mindfulness through her classes. I am learning so much from Susan. I can’t rate Thrive Farm high enough! This is a 5 star experience”

– Margaret

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