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Welcome to a journey of transformation, resilience, and newfound peace & empowerment. At the heart of Thrive Farm lies an unwavering belief that life after cancer is more than just surviving, it’s about THRIVING in every sense.
Are you exhausted?

Are you feeling stuck in ruminating thought cycles?

Are you overwhelmed and feeling misunderstood by those around you?

Are you ready to feel good and have energy to do the things you want to do?

Most importantly: are you ready to feel JOY again?

If you answered YES to any of these, then this experience is for YOU.

Webinar – Banishing Depression and Exhaustion: A Journey to a Whole New Existence

In this video, I discuss the challenges faced by breast cancer survivors, including depression, exhaustion, and overwhelming life stressors. I share personal experiences and insights on how to overcome these difficulties and unlock a new existence. The video provides important data on the impact of cancer on mental wellness and relationships, and offers practical strategies for finding peace, authenticity, and renewed energy. Viewers are encouraged to take action and banish depression and exhaustion to live their best lives.

Join Other Beautiful Warrior Goddesses & Connect with What Matters Most

Shift out of negativity and ruminating thought cycles and step into your second chance at living your best life now; all while building a feel-good future.

Second chance; people want energy, have purpose, embrace life and participate fully, experience joy and ease.

You will regain a sense of wholeness and:
Increased Energy
Boosted Confidence
A Clear Purpose & Direction in Life
Deeper Self-Connection (Mind-Body-Soul)
Stress Reduction
Enhanced Mental Clarity

How Does This Work?

Begin your journey with our transformative Take Back Your Energy program, designed to ensure you wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and enthusiastic about the day ahead of you!
Dive deep into our empowering Depression Elimination Series, reclaiming your power and experiencing life with greater clarity, more joy, and more ease.
Explore our comprehensive Inner Peace Playbook, empowering you to live a connected, inner body experience, free from ruminating thoughts and fears.
Cultivate lasting joy with Planting Joy Roots, which reconnects you with your authentic self, nurturing your inner child, while attracting new avenues of joy.
Access our invaluable Harmony Toolkit, equipping you to recenter and refocus amidst life’s challenges, leaving behind your triggers, fears, worries, and anxiety.
Finally, embrace a brighter future with our Manifesting Your Feel-Good Future Plan Blueprint seizing the opportunity for a fulfilling second chance at life!

What Makes This Program Different?

Focusing on Your Feel-Good Future

The coaching focuses on understanding our thought cycles and patterns, honing in on individuals’ experiences through one-on-one sessions. It involves swiftly addressing past traumas to uncover triggers, enabling clients to move forward with confidence and peace.


Susan utilizes her 20+ years of experience in a research-based model to help clients design and step into their feel-good future.

Somatic Healing Modalities

Mindful equine therapy is a method that fuses mindfulness, breathing techniques, and meditation with the profound wisdom of our equine partners.

Somatic Movement and coaching helps clients deal with their existential fear of dying, connecting to trauma and fear and bridging that gap to their feel good future

With Susan’s guidance, you’ll embark on a transformative journey towards healing, transcending the limitations of past traumas or a past diagnosis.

A Guide Who Gets It

Susan, a breast cancer thriver who underwent double mastectomies and reconstruction surgery, understands your struggles intimately. Unlike typical healthcare providers, she journeys, continuously growing and learning. With a Master’s in Education, extensive counseling studies, and certifications in meditation, equine therapy, and nutritional health, Susan brings profound expertise and compassion to every session.

She has developed the Thrive 3 Method, a research-based wellness model tailored for cancer and trauma survivors.

What is the Thrive 3 Method?

The Thrive 3 Method is a research-based approach to holistic healing and transformation.

Step 1:
Energy Restoration

Step 2:
Depression Elimination

Step 3:
Your Feel Good Future

Transformative Results

Susan’s clients don’t just survive; they THRIVE. Countless women have embraced vitality, resilience, and purpose post-cancer.

Hear what others are saying:

Susan was and always will be there for her patients. She is passionate about getting them to cross the chasm from self-defeat to self-worth, always learning and growing. There were times life’s trials seem to knock me down faster than I could get up, but Susan never judged me and instead gave me an encouraging message often needed as much as air. I am forever grateful for the time, knowledge, and energy she poured into me even when I did not have any to respond. She never gave up on me and at a time when I felt more alone in my 40 years on this earth, what a blessing to have that. For such a time is this. I love you and am thankful for you, Susan!

The coaching has helped a lot with just being able to sit down and get an outside perspective and doing all the meditations. It really helps you a lot and especially when you start taking that into your personal life.

– Lindsay

If you need an extra measure of peace, you’re going to find it here. If you need some structure, some coaching, some life experience, you have it. Susan, it’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift, your wisdom.

– Maureen

Susan is an exceptional person who has created a place where she can feed and nurture the mind, spirit, and body. Due to the pre-work Susan sent me, everything about my experience at the Farm was unique to me and what I needed. I truly appreciate the time and effort she spent getting to know me and my goals for being at the Farm. The setting is picturesque, and the accommodations are peaceful and quiet. Thrive Farm is my Happy Place!

– Lisa

About Your Guide

Susan Mitchell

Susan Mitchell, founder of Thrive Farm, Helps cancer survivors feel whole again and embrace their second chance at life so that they can experience increased energy and mental clarity to create a joyful, feel-good future.

Her approach is partially based on the existential theory which asserts that we all struggle with the meaning of life, and when faced with the most basic of human fears, the fear of dying, we are confronted with the opportunity to connect with our true selves and become aligned internally and externally. We have the opportunity to find light out of darkness. When we realize we cannot go back to who we were before cancer, sometimes we break open and have the beautiful opportunity to transform ourselves.

Susan is a breast cancer thriver. She has also survived other traumas including narcissistic abuse. She has a Master’s in Education and was a teacher, principal, chef, and most recently studied counseling at the Master’s degree level. She is certified as a Master of Meditation Teaching, in Equine Therapy for trauma, PTSD, and crisis, and as a Nutritional Wellness Coach.

Susan designs programs that are experiential and somatic to help her clients live their best lives after the cancer mind-f**k that. (She does see clients with other scary diagnoses or traumas). Her multi-sensory approach of Inner Peace Coaching, Mindful Equine Therapy, art journaling, personalized meditations, and in-person retreats are designed to help you find your authenticity, ease, and inspire you to move forward and embrace YOUR second chance!

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