This year a couple of different things happened around vision boarding that made me think about it differently. This ended up causing me to go way deeper than I had in years gone by. It also made me realize that though I had things previously on my vision boards I wanted to achieve, they were really boards full of goals and not representative of a true, unified vision for myself.

In preparing for a mindful meditation and vision boarding activity at Thrive Farm, I’ve been watching various YouTubes about vision boarding and manifesting. Through this process I realized the deeper purpose of creating a vision board is to manifest what you really want for the incoming year. You are putting something on a board that you want to attract through the energetic law of attraction so details seemed unnecessary. Additionally, a business coach I am working with asked me to make a vision board using no words. On top of this I struggled to get a lot of used magazines but had plenty of art supplies.

As I have been meditating and focusing on my own personal wellness, growth, and healing while thinking about my wordless vision for 2023, I knew I needed to fully focus on healing my heart. My heart has been carrying hurt from my previous marriages and traumas and I realized that finally I needed to forgive myself and others close to me in order to fully let go. (See last week’s blog on Flowin’) The more I thought and read, the more obvious it became that healing my heart and allowing my heart chakra to become open and unblocked needed to be the center of my vision for 2023.

I learned that when the heart chakra is in healthy alignment you will feel surrounded by love, compassion, and joy. You will be connected to the world around you and open to all experiences in life. It will feel like challenges, especially in relationships, flow through you and are resolved with ease. An open heart chakra allows us to see all of the beauty and love around us, and truly connect to ourselves, our loved ones, and the natural world. This chakra also helps flow love back to ourselves to truly be able to experience self love and self acceptance. This chakra is also the gatekeeper for wellness in the chest, lungs and breasts.

My intentional and divine vision for 2023 is to flow love out and receive it back in, openly and wholeheartedly. Oprah says she does not create vision boards because she truly knows how to manifest. Other business leaders say the same thing basically. Manifesting what you want is energetic more than listing or wishing or praying hard for something. It’s being clear on your vision, doing the work and then releasing it to the universe. The book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and the book The Buddha and the Badass by Vishen Lakiani both explore this energetic exchange from human to universe and back, since we, as humans, are made up of matter like the rest of the universe is.

My vision board, which I am renaming to my “Manifestation Map” represents the heart chakra in the middle glowing green which is the color of the heart chakra. The glitter circle is covering a black circle which represents the plaque settled in the corners of my heart being replaced with joy, self love, and boundless energy particles. The yellow is my heart glowing outwardly sending warmth and love to everyone in the universe and the gold glitter rays represent the steady flow of love, compassion and energy in and out of my heart both giving and receiving. So, for 2023 my theme is love and forgiveness and all the smaller goals will be accomplished through focusing on living life in this mindset.

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